Blue and white stripe top

Rs. 824 Rs. 1,499
Size: L XL 2XL 3XL

If you have been looking for the perfect shirt that you can wear to work, then this is where your search ends. This white shirt has blue lines running vertically down, which has an automatic slimming effect. The shirt has been tailored to fit you in all the right places, while skimming over possible problem areas. The shirt flares out just a little near the waist, offering a feminine touch. 97% cotton and 3% Lycra ensures that you get the perfect fit, each time! Choose to wear this shirt with trousers or under a suit for formal occasions or team them with jeans for a more casual look. 

  1. White shirt with blue vertical lines, offering a slimming effect
  2. Made using a combination of cotton and Lycra
  3. Three quarter sleeves have a button just below the elbow
  4. A non-traditional collar makes this a little different from regular work shirts 
  5. Perfect choice for formal wear and can be worn with suits
  6. Works just as well with denims for a semi-casual look 

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