Build A Wardrobe That Speaks To Your Personality 

Over time, the entire world of clothes changed – clothes were now more than just a statement of your social status; it is an extension of your personality. What you wear often describes who you are as a person – when you choose bright colours, it is probably because you are a vibrant person; choose more of pastel shades and it is probably because you are a little more introverted. 

However, when you are building a wardrobe, you need to make sure that you have something for every occasion, because not every outfit is meant for every occasion. After all, you would not wear a pair of trousers for a wedding and you will not wear an elaborate outfit to office – your outfit needs to tell a story about your personality as well as be appropriate for the occasion. And this is something that holds true, no matter what your size is; so whether you are normal size or a plus size woman, you need to make sure that you curate your wardrobe with care.

    • Something for the everyday: Let’s face it; we have more normal days than special days, which is why, we need more clothes that are ideal for the day to day, rather than occasions. At The Pink Moon, you will be able to choose from a huge range of clothing options that you can use on a daily basis. From simple tops that hug your curves to skirts that will keep you feeling easy and breezy, there are so many options on offer here – what is wonderful about the clothes here are that you can pick coordinated sets, as well as mix and match to create your own sets. So you can pick a top that will work with your favorite pair of jeans, as well as a pair of palazzo pants. Pick colours and patterns that suit your taste and remember to pick the right size. 
    • Something for the working woman: The woman of today is a woman who wears several caps and being a career woman is just one of them. if you are a career woman too, then you will most certainly need a professional looking plus sized wardrobe and at The Pink Moon, it is very easy to create the same. Whether you are looking for well-tailored shirts or pants that will make you look tall and elegant, make sure that you pick a selection, in terms of colours, designs and silhouettes. Because it is for office, you might want to bring out the more serious side of yours, by choosing colours that will work well in a formal setting. But this does not mean that you need to go all boring – you can always bring your true self out in terms of shirt colours or other accessories. 
  • Something for the always busy mom: Talk to any mother and she will tell you that she literally has no time for anything and even though she wants to look good, she doesn’t have the time or energy to put into curating a wardrobe. At The Pink Moon, creating that perfect plus size outfit collection for the busy mom is actually quite easy. There are plenty of clothing options that are easy to wear and maintain, but look absolutely gorgeous every time. For instance, there are several breezy tops that you can team with jeans or trousers; these would be the perfect for those school car pools or quick trips to the market. And it doesn’t matter what your personality is like – there is something for everyone at The Pink Moon. 
  • Something for the get together with friends: Catching up with friends is always something most people look forward to, and while it is a time to unwind, it is also a time to dress up. You want to look great, without it seeming like you have put in too much of an effort. At The Pink Moon, you will be able to find plenty of plus sized dresses that are easy to carry and extremely pretty to look at, which means that you will be able to look great effortlessly. Because you are catching up with your friends, you have all the right to dress up the way you like – go for the bright bold colours or the short dress. And since The Pink Moon offers you plenty of choices, it will be easy enough to pick more than one outfit!  
  • Something for the romantic evening: It’s the time when you want to wow your beloved and you want to make sure that you look great, without feeling a wee bit uncomfortable. At The Pink Moon, there is a plethora of absolutely gorgeous looking dresses, especially the fun, flirty types. There are dresses that have an off-shoulder design, those which are made with net and lace; there are dreamy colours and the ever popular black. No matter what your personality, there is a dress that will match your liking and is sure to light up the eyes of your loved one, the moment they see you!  
    • Something for the gym: For most women, working out is that time when they get some truly ‘me’ time – they are doing it for themselves and this is the one time that they can dress up only for themselves. At The Pink Moon, you can find the most exclusive collection of plus size gym wear and you will be able to choose outfits to match your style. You can pick singles or sets; pick just track pants or t-shirts or create your own combinations to make everyone turn around the take attention. 

    At The Pink Moon, we create outfits that are meant to make you look and feel great; every aspect is carefully considered – the feel of the fabric, the types of accessories used, the perfection in stitching and of course the design and final look. When you pick an outfit from here, you can be sure that you will be the cynosure of a lot of attention. 

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