We are a passionate young team on a mission to create a line of clothing which makes you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. Whether its the morning of an important interview, dinner with friends, a first date or an ordinary Wednesday, we want you to feel your best.

Ever thought about why you really like your favorite pair of jeans or top, or even a pair of PJs? We think its because of how they make you feel. The pair of pants which takes in your stomach, the heels which make your calves look toned, the dress which shows off your shoulders. Good clothes are like a great blow dry - they can make you feel more beautiful, confident and strong in an instant.

We at the Pink Moon are here to make you feel empowered with our clothing line for your curves.

We have handpicked fabrics, cuts and styles which will work on your body type. Every single piece of clothing we create has been designed with a great deal of thought and has gone through several revisions before offering it to you. Our endeavor is to bring you a product which combines breathable fabrics, thoughtful silhouettes and world class stitching so that our clothes become your go to outfits.

We are committed to creating clothes that are about YOU – that make you look good, feel comfortable & confident and we hope you enjoy shopping with us.


If it take a village to raise a child, it takes several to produce a garment!

Every single item on our store is produced carefully designed with loads of TLC. We have handpicked fabrics, cuts and styles we know will work on every body type. We have tested our products with women of all shapes and sizes to ensure there are no gaps, no garment is riding up from the sides so you can get on with your day with one less thing to worry about. We have used soft, breathable fabrics which will not give you sweat patches and itchy sides.