Have a broad upper body and a slender lower body? Dress to impress with The Pink Moon's ideal combinations.

I have a broad upper half and slender hips and legs - How should I dress?

Whether you’re planning an outfit for an event or shopping for versatile items to build up your wardrobe. Understanding your body type can make the process a whole lot easier. Fashion is all about owning your personal style rather than adjusting to the ideal norm. For all you curvy girls out there - we hope these style tips can help you make bolder fashion choices that compliment your figure. 

We’re often being told to cover up parts of our body which we do not like. What is most important is knowing how to style clothing and accessories to bring your body in balance. 

One of the best silhouettes to opt for if you are top heavy. Not only is it a classic and an easy go- to  choice. It will also add a guarantee to add just enough volume to the bottom half of the body to visually balance the top half. 

plus size A-line skirt

Necklines play a major role in how we look. While it is common for top heavy women to stay away from open v lines, in the fear that it may show their chest too much. However, they are versatile, and the silhouette focus shifts from your chest to your neck. You can style these tops with long - delicate necklaces for a comfortable and stylish look. 

Plus size overlap Top

Opt for materials like silk or satin that hugs your body and helps you flaunt your curves without suffocating you. You can even add a funky belt in order to cinch in your waist for more definition. Not only are they comfortable, but also super elegant and perfect for occasional wear as well. 



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