How To Rock Activewear And Athleisure With Confidence

Are you one of the many women who love to wear activewear? Whether you enjoy working out or are just searching for a comfortable outfit for running errands every day, activewear provides you with the utmost comfort as well as a great look. 

But if you're a curvy woman, finding plus-size activewear that fits well and looks good can be quite a challenge. 

That's why we're here to help! Our blog is filled with tips and suggestions for finding the best plus-size gym wear for ladies that are both fashionable and practical along with styling tips to rock the look. By the time you're done reading, you'll be all set to rock that gym look. So let's dive right in!

Choosing The Right Activewear Fabrics

While choosing plus-size workout clothes, it’s crucial to keep a check on the fabric for proper breathability and a lightweight feel. This is particularly true for sports bras that closely fit body parts with lots of folds and loose pieces. 

For best comfort, look for fabrics that are moisture-wicking and anti-chafing and will keep your bust area cool and dry. If you sweat a lot, you can also look for fabrics that have built-in odor-reduction technology to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated even after an active day.

Finding The Perfect Activewear For Curvy Ladies 

It can be quite challenging to find the right size of plus-size gym wear for us curvy ladies. But, worry not! Pink Moon brings you an amazing range of casual bottomwear and topwear options to stay on top of your fitness journey. 

From size XL to 6XL, we have everything you need to flatter your pear-shaped body and look gorgeous.

How to Style Plus Size Activewear

Being curvaceous is the new sexy. 

Everyone has the right to look fab and gorgeous every time they step out be it for a party or a gym session. If you are a plus-size woman and looking for some typing tips, try out these stylish looks!

  1. Joggers With A Hoodie

There isn't a better attire for going for a jog than this one. This sporty look is fashionable, and practical, and can serve as loungewear if the situation requires it. Pink Moon’s Charcoal grey solid straight-fit joggers paired withpaired with a plus-size hoodie provide you with great comfort regardless of how intense your workout is!
     Charcoal grey solid straight-fit joggers                   Grey Joggers for plus size women

If you are a beginner at doing workouts, then track pants and t-shirts are a must-have in your clothing essentials. They are probably the best answer to a universally frustrating question of "What to wear?" All of your gym needs can be met by this fantastic and multipurpose attire. Buy these plus-size workout clothes and get ready to face off with the treadmill or doing a yoga session. 


How about donning a gym look that makes it simple to switch to street style? All the required Fs i.e., fun, fabulous, and incredibly flattering are present in Solid Tights at Pink Moon.  Finish it off with a pair of chic round-neck or V-neck XXXL t-shirts.  From a hectic Zumba Sesh to a mindful meditation session, this outfit goes a long way. 

Supportive Workout Bra With A Three Fourth Track Pant

Embrace your sexy curves with a revolutionary plus-size sports bra from Pink Moon that is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort while motivating you on your fitness journey. Pair it with a three-fourth plus-size track pant that is your perfect companion for yoga, gym, and me time. This is one of the best plus-size gym wear for ladies. 
Highlight Your Upper Body

A pear-shaped body is one which is heavier at the bottom as compared to the upper part. Hence, always get yourself tops highlighting your upper body and defined waist. Invest in a good sports bra and wear bright colors and eye-catching prints.

Finally, while buying plus-size workout clothes, keep in mind your individual choice and comfort. Go for it if you appreciate how those track pants and t-shirts make you feel while working out After all, if you are confident in yourself and your athletic appearance, your natural poise will work just as well as any stylish dress.

Pink Moon brings you an amazing range of plus-size workout clothes for women to stay fit and active always while looking their best. Scroll our collection today!

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