Navigating the Crazy World of Fashion as a Plus-Size Woman

Navigating the Crazy World of Fashion as a Plus-Size Woman

Fashion is an art form that never stays the same. Fashion empowers individuals to express their personalities and styles in their own unique way. However, for curvy women, navigating the world of fashion can sometimes feel challenging. They have to push through an added trial of biases and assumptions in order to get to their fashion destination. But don’t worry, your fearless and stylish tour guide- The Pink Moon is here to help you find the best curvy body outfits! 

What are some of the different plus size body types?

1.Pear-shaped: If you have fuller hips, thighs but have a narrow upper body, your body type is pear shaped! 

2.Apple-shaped: If you notice that you carry most of your weight in your midsection with a fuller bust and waist, you have an apple-shaped body type! 

3.Hourglass: If your bust and hips are the same width but you notice your waist is a bit more well-defined, you have an hourglass body type!  

4.Triangle: Does this sound familiar? Narrow shoulder, smaller bust but wide hips? If it does, then you have a triangular body type!

So many beautiful body types but we choose to glorify only one! Society needs to get a hold of themselves! 

Let’s do a little activity, shall we? Go to your closet and pick all the clothes that don’t make you happy/ I’m talking about your baggy and dull clothes. Your “I’ll wear it when I’m thinner” clothes and those clothes that give you no figure whatsoever. Donate or recycle those clothes because we are done with them. 

Choosing clothes for a plus-size body is a little more challenging but just as fun, don’t worry! Pick clothes that show off your favourite part of your body.

Every body is unique, and identifying your body shape can help you choose outfits that flatter your best features. I mean, if you don’t take the time to understand your body then who will?  

We’ve talked about body types but now let’s see what kind of clothes suit and enhance our body type! Here is how to dress your different curvy body types! 

1.Pear Shaped

  • Plus size A-line dresses and skirts are the way to go! They accentuate the waist but flow over the hips and legs. 
  • Plus size Off-the-shoulder or boat neck tops draw attention to the upper body and those fabulous collar bones. 

Plus size Wrap tops or dresses to draw attention to the waist while also flattering the hips (a dream come true!)COBALT BLUE A-LINE DRESS 

  1. Apple Shaped 


  1. Hourglass shaped 


    1. Triangle shaped
    • Patterned flowy tops or tops with  embellishments add volume to the upper body and takes the attention away from the lower half. 
    • Flared skirts are a must to balance out the proportions.
    • Wide-neck or off-the-shoulder are always your go-to tops to broaden the shoulders.



      Some additional tips to keeping it classy with your curvy body are: 

      • Invest in some quality pieces: Choose well-made, high-quality clothing that fits you perfectly.
      • Opt for classic yet timeless styles: Classic pieces like tailored blazers, pencil skirts, and well-fitted trousers can create a polished and classy look.
      • Choose sophisticated colours: Neutral and classic colours such as black, navy, beige, and burgundy exude elegance.
      • Avoid excessive embellishments: Keep it simple and elegant, focusing on clean lines and minimal details.
      • Proper fit is key: Tailoring your clothes to fit your body perfectly can make a significant difference in how polished and classy you look.
      • Confidence is the key accessory: Embrace your curves with confidence, as it can make any outfit look classy and sophisticated.

      Embrace Your Personal Style and  Learn to Experiment:

      Now experimenting is not just in your high school chemistry class, it works in fashion too! How are you going to know what flatters you, if you just stick to the same T-shirt and your go-to jeans (Yes, we’re calling you out). Patterns, prints and colours! There are so many outfits to choose from! Finding your personal style is a journey but it’s a journey you’ll be glad you went on. Let’s talk about plus-size dresses, they’re perfect for any body type! A fit flare would be amazing for a pear shape body while an A-line dress would absolutely kill in a triangle-shaped body!  Don't be afraid to mix and match and try out a billion trends to find what suits you best. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, not that model on the magazine cover. So let YOUR creativity shine. 

      Embracing your personal style as a plus-size woman is a wonderful way to express your individuality and feel confident in your appearance. Here are some pointers to help you in this journey:

      • You gotta explore, girl! : Explore different styles, looks and fashion inspirations! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! 
      • Love your body : Focus majorly on the all the things you love about yourself. We have to put a stop to all that negative talk! Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and all of them are worthy of love! 
      • Comfort is Key: Style should not come at the cost of comfort! Choose fabrics and designs that feel good against your skin and allow for ease of movement.
      • Find Flattering Fits: Remember when we talked about body type? Stick to that and find clothes that flatter your shape! Clothes that are popular might not be the clothes that make you feel comfortable and stylish! 
      • Accessorise, honey! : Use accessories to elevate your outfits and add a personal touch. Scarves, jewellery, handbags, and shoes can really take your outfit to the next level! 
      • Ignore Fashion "Rules": Rules are made to be broken especially when it comes to fashion! Wear whatever makes you happy! People are going to talk anyway. At least you look good when they do it! 
      • Shop at Inclusive Retailers: Look for brands and retailers that offer a diverse range of sizes and styles for plus-size women, like The Pink Moon!

      Body Positivity and Self-Care in Fashion:

      • Repeat after me: 
      • “I love my body”. Oh, come on! I can’t hear you! 
      • “I love my body”. 
      • You need to keep yourself in a positive place to love how you look in your clothes. Constant criticism is the thief of peace. Your legs are never going to look good until you know they look good (personally, I think your legs look amazing in that dress) As women, we are
      You need to keep yourself in a positive place to love how you look in your clothes. Constant criticism is the thief of peace. Your legs are never going to look good until you know they look good (personally, I think your legs look amazing in that dress) As women, we are always taught to underestimate ourselves. We need to tell ourselves we can “always do better” when I think we should be saying that “where we are is also good”. It might not be the best but we are the ones who got ourselves there and we can ourselves somewhere better as well. Make sure to take care of yourself. Treat yourself with the love you treat other people. You deserve it. Surround yourself with positivity and love. You are what you consume, so consume content that makes you happy. Find brands that stand for the same values you stand for. Find clothes that you love yourself in and buy a billion of them! Treat yourself with kindness. 
      Now we took a little tour around the world of fashion, we hope you enjoyed the ride. But the little nooks and crannies of this world have to be explored by you. Take yourself on this meaningful journey of exploring your style and the clothes that look the best on you. Make sure to stay positive about your body and surround yourself with love! Fashion is all about celebrating our uniqueness with our clothes, so celebrate real good! 


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