Plus size shopping in 2019!

Gone are the days when your waist and hip sizes decided what you should and should not wear – there were unsaid rules in place that if you were curvy, your wardrobe would be limited to dark colors, loose silhouettes and small prints. We were told to be apologetic for the way we looked and take up as little space as possible. The fashion industry took no notice of us and the message conveyed was that trendy clothes are not meant for anyone over a waist 32. We were not part of the conversation at all. We had to change our bodies to fit into clothes as opposed to clothes being made for our bodies. 

Welcome to 2019 - The modern day curvy woman of today, doesn’t care about apple or pear or any other fruit and vegetable shape. She is confident, beautiful and  wants to dress well just like anyone else. She is a fashionista who makes her own rules on what she wears, how she lives and who she is. She walks on water and holds her head up high (in bright red lipstick, an LBD and most importantly a killer attitude) 

Here are just some so called fashion rules that no longer exist (thankfully):

  • Baggy was once in for plus sized women, because it could hide a lot of the problem areas. What most women never realised that such clothes also never showed off what was great about the body. These days, there are plenty of fabrics that have the right amount of stretch and will showcase all the plus points of your body. 
  • There has always been this myth that while black will make you slim, white will make you look larger. However, if you wear the wrong type of black and the right type of white, you are sure to look great. Pick out outfits in white that are structured and will show off the right curves. 
  • For a long time, button down shirts were considered a big no-no for curvy people; but these days, more and more voluptuous women are opting for button down shirts, which have a certain amount of stretch and silhouettes that will make them look slender. 
  • Gone are the days when curvy women would shy away from wearing bright colours and big prints, because those would attract attention towards them. Today’s woman has understood that as long as she chooses outfits that accentuate her curves and hide her flaws, there is no colour or print that is off limits. 
  • As a matter of fact, there is no longer the rule that heavier women need to dress in monochromes. Adding an accessory or another fabric in the form of a scarf, jacket or headdress should provide the pop of colour that your look needs. 
  • While stripes do spell a little bit of trouble for heftier women, there is no need to indiscriminately avoid them either. Stripes can actually create an optical illusion like no other print. Stripes that angle inwards will create that hourglass shape you want and thinner stripes will make you look slender. 
  • No longer do hard and fast rules apply to any fashion – so if you were told that just because you were plus sized, you should have an empire waistline dress, you need to rethink. If you have a small bust and large hips, then the empire waistline would work for you, but if you are heavier on the top, this outfit would be an absolute horror on you. 

Now that several myths about plus size fashion have been busted, let’s move onto how you should structure your wardrobe, in order to wow everyone, everyday!

  • One thing that most women, including plus sized women, often tend to neglect and ignore is underwear. Without the right type of underwear, there is no way that even the most glamourous outfit will look good on you. When your bust is being held up properly and your butt has the proper shape, even the most basic jeans and T-shirt will look great on you. 
  • Just as important as the underwear is the shapewear and it is imperative that you invest in some good quality shapewear. With the right shapewear in hand, you can hide away those bulges to some extent and enjoy a better shape underneath your dress. 
  • There will always be the temptation to wear outfits that fit you like second skin, but you need to understand that if you wear something that is too tight, you might look like you have squeezed into it. You need to choose an outfit that is fitted but is not too tight. After all, you wouldn’t want any panty lines showing through! 
  • It would be wise to find a good tailor or shop in stores that have a tailoring department. Most readymade clothes are made with a basic shape and size in mind and while it might fit you, it will not fit you well. With the help of a tailor, the same outfit will fit you better and make you look great. 
  • There are some basics that you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe – a pair of incredibly well fitting jeans, formal pants that sit well on you, a jacket that has been tailored to your body and a pencil skirt, simply because it will create a svelte look for you. 
  • Accessories are just as important – most women will concentrate on their outfit and then miss out on the accessories, ruining the entire look. 
  • Make sure that you pick out the right pair of shoes for the outfit, because certain footwear can make you look frumpy and add to the weight. Straps around your ankles will make your legs look shorter and sneakers will not work with that froufrou look. Invest in some neutral pumps and heels that will work with almost all your outfits.  
  • Your bag matters – you need to choose a bag that is in proportion to your body. Carry a tiny bag and you will look bigger; carry a jumbo sized overall and you will be drawing attention to yourself. Ideally, a medium sized tote should work well for you and suits most occasions. 

And regardless of your weight, make sure to celebrate the person you are - inside and out by dressing well, taking care of yourself and feeling good about who you are!

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