Summers Are Here – Revamp Your Plus Sized Wardrobe With The Pink Moon

The temperature has started rising and before you know it, the mercury will have hit really high. Given the pandemic outside, most of us are not venturing out a lot, but there are times when you do have to step out or maybe you have a virtual meeting wherein you need to look your best. Or there could be a time, when its just you at home and you want to perk your own mood, by dressing up! With the summers arriving, your wardrobe might need a revamp, a change over and at The Pink Moon, we know how to perfectly dress the plus sized body.

In order to create the perfect wardrobe, it is important to break it up into categories – tops, bottom wear, dresses, leisure wear and others. By understanding these categories, you will know exactly what all you need to buy, keeping in mind whatever you already own. So, if you are ready, we are ready to get your in the shopping mood!

  • Tops/shirts/tunics – Tops are the foundation stone of any classy wardrobe and at The Pink Moon, we have a plethora for you to choose from. Whether you want to pick out some casual t-shirts that you can pair with jeans or lounge pants or want something a little more sophisticated that you can wear for an official meeting, there is simply so much to choose from. We make sure that all our tops, t-shirts and shirts are made using high grade materials that not only keep you comfortable, but also contour your body in the best manner possible. Our colour palette is truly rainbow like, because from lights to darks, pastels to solids and prints galore – there is so much that you can pick from. We suggest that you pick some casual tops such as the Black And White Stripe T Shirt, the Teal And Black Colour Block Jersey T Shirt and the Plus Size Women Black White Printed V-Neck T-Shirt along with something a little more formal such as the Cotton Blue And White Stripe Button Down Shirt, the Classic Beige White Stripe Button Down Shirt and the Classic Bottom Panel Button Down Shirt. Then of course, you want to add some tops that will work great for casual outings as well as parties – we truly heart The Pink Moon Women Blue Solid A-Line Top, the Black Lace Top, the Lurex One Shoulder Evening Out Top, the Women Black Solid Off Shoulder Top and the gorgeous Grey Peplum Top With Butterfly Sleeves


  • Bottom wear – You might have the most stunning collection of tops, shirts and tunics, but without the right bottom wear to team it up with, you will never be able to create that perfect look! Well, we are here to help – our range of plus sized bottom wear includes trousers, palazzos, pants and skirts – no matter what you are looking for, chances are that you will find them here. We suggest you look for loose fitting bottom wear for the summers, because extremely tight fitting might feel uncomfortable over the course of an entire day. Our range of palazzos are perfect for the summers – our brand new Black and white stripe palazzo as well as Brick color front pleated palazzo are great for semi-formal occasions, but the staples in your wardrobe will be The Pink Moon Plus Size Navy Pleated Palazzo and the Black Stretchable Palazzo With Elastic Waistband, not only because of their colour palette, but their extreme comfort. We also suggest you pick out some incredibly cute skirts for the curvy body from our collection – we are loving the Leopard print satin skirt, the Black flared skirt with lining, The Pink Moon Women Blue Solid A-Line Flared Skirt, The Pink Moon Women Navy Blue Self-Design A-Line Skirt and the cute Yellow Polka Dot skirt.


  • Dresses – Because it is the summers, it is the time to flaunt all those pretty dresses – at The Pink Moon, you can find the most incredible selection of summer dresses. Absolutely any dress that you choose from our collection will work for your summer wardrobe – most of our dresses are made using high quality chiffon and cotton blends, which are ideal for the heat and will keep you for comfortable, all day long. We love the White layered maxi dress that is so perfect for the summers that you will want to keep repeating the outfit. The Pink Moon Plus Size Tencil Dress With Coconut buttons is one of our latest offerings and is sure to capture a lot of attention. Floral prints work really well, irrespective of the season, but they work even better during the summers and at The Pink Moon, you will be literally spoilt for choice – from the Black floral printed off-shoulder ruffled dress to the Black floral printed maxi dress and The Pink Moon Plus Size A-Line Dress with Floral Prints in Baby Pink and The Pink Moon Plus Size Maroon And Yellow Floral Dress.


  • Leisure wear and more – Given that you might be spending a lot of time at home, courtesy the pandemic, you also need to invest in some really classy looking plus sized leisure wear – just because you are at home, does not mean that you have to be shabbily dressed. There are plenty of t-shirts and trackpants to choose from, which you can mix and match to create new looks each time. The Black Solid Three-Fourth Track pant, the Black Cotton Terry Lounge Pants and of course The Pink Moon Plus Size Black Stretch Lounge Pants rank high on our “like list”. In addition, you need to have certain pieces that can add to an existing look – so, for instance, you should look at jackets and shrugs, which you can wear over a look and create a brand new one. Might we suggest The Red Flamingo Long Shrug, the Green Black Geometric Print Sheer Open Front Shrug, the Grey Waterfall Shrug, the Black Sequin Shrug and the Black Embossed Formal Jacket.


And then of course, there are some pointers that you need to keep in mind, when you are creating your wardrobe afresh or even revamping it – remember to pick fabrics that will breathe, clothes with a thin lining are a good idea as they help absorb sweat better and do not get carried away by notions that you can’t wear certain colours in summers! Walk through the virtual aisles of The Pink Moon and you will be able to create the perfect wardrobe for yourself!

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