Going Back To Life? The Pink Moon Will Handle Your Wardrobe Woes

Over the past few months, we have spent a lot of time locked indoors – work was from home and play was also from within the home. Whether you were cooking or partying, working out or working on a project, it was all within the walls of the home; but slowly the world has started to open up and things are taking baby steps towards a sense of a new normal. Most of us are starting to return to our normal lives and routines and that means there is also the need for a fresh wardrobe.
Gained a few kilograms and fearful of falling into the 'plus size' category? We don't believe in the concept of stereotypical sizing. Gone are the days of trying to be a 36-24-36. We simply believe in well made clothes which are made to make you look and feel good. Clothes are made for our bodies and not the other way round. At The Pink Moon we believe in dressing with ease and making shopping an enjoyable experience. 

  • Going back to office: Whether your office is reopening or you are rejoining the workforce after a really long time, give your confidence a boost with a sharp, well fitted wardrobe. The rules of dressing have changed with comfort taking priority over trends. Our Ponte Pants in multiple colors are the foundation of a great wardrobe - they are comfortable enough to sleep in but look sophisticated and tailored. Well fitted tops in pure cotton can be worn in all seasons and environments. Try unusual colors such as teal and burgundy to oomph your look. And when you take a look to the next level, just add a formal jacket, plenty of which are available in our collection!
  • Going back to college: Whether you are joining college for your first year or had to attend the previous one online, if you are getting the chance to go back to college, you need to celebrate it. This is the chance you get to flaunt your style and showcase the diva within you – from adorable tops to breezy skirts, there is plenty for you to choose from. We suggest that you pick several tops that you can mix and match to create various looks – team them with a pair of jeans and you have one look and when you team with some palazzos they look completely different one. Our floral printed tops are a great option for college wear and they work really well with jeans, trousers, palazzos and even skirts. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to find adorable skirts and shorts in our collections, all of which are made for the plus sized woman.
  • Going back to your stay at home mom routine: Kids’ schools are reopening, you are back to dropping them off and picking them up; you are back to doing the grocery shopping in store again and you are also playing chaperone at your friend’s parties. This means, that every time you step out, you need an outfit that makes you feel good and comfortable. Function + Fashion is our mantra. For those quick runs to the school or grocery shop, why not look at our athleisure collection – there are some great looking trackpants, t-shirts and jackets that are just perfect for the woman on the move. And in case you want something a little more dressy, you can look at our plus sized dresses, skirts and coordinated outfits, which are sure to make you the envy of all!
  • Going back to socializing: Now that everyone is returning to their routines, you are also looking forward to those monthly Sunday brunches with your girlfriends. And just because you have to wear a mask does not mean that you need to skimp on style – at The Pink Moon there are so many pretty outfits that are perfect for those Sundays out – we suggest you look through our collection of floral dresses, which are perfect for summers and in case you want something effective, yet effortless to pair with jeans or palazzos, then the wrap around tops as well as aa the smocked tassel tops will work a treat.
  • Going back to vacationing: There are also those who are starting to plan holidays and if you are one of the lucky few, then you need to have a wardrobe that is smart, chic and perfect to make you look like a diva! Depending on where you are planning to holiday, you can browse through our entire collection of beach dresses, kaftans, maxis and tunics to see what works best for you. Building the perfect holiday wardrobe because we know that planning is half the fun of holidaying!

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