Beyond Size Zero: Curves in the Spotlight

What’s the first thing you think of when I say the word “models”?

Let me guess, thin and tall women, right?

That’s the image we’ve built up of models. But, we’re just worshiping and showcasing one body type. A body type we’ve crowned as the “ideal” body type. When there are so many other body types. The biggest myth that floods the fashion industry is that only slim figures fit the mold of models. But this mold is slowly being broken because honey, what about the rest of the sizes? We crave reality. We want to see models with our body type, with our scars and our flaws. Plus size models are the biggest stride taken to break that mold. I mean can we talk about the Savage x Fenty show? Rihanna showcased so many different body types in men and women. That’s what we’re talking about! The response was so amazing. This just goes to show that the appreciation for realistic models is well and alive.


A big misconception of plus size models is that they showcase a body that is not “desirable”. There they go again, running after one body type. All body types are beautiful and they all deserve to be showcased. The runaway is slowly being walked on by women who don’t fit the stereotypical “model” look and we are so here for it. Beauty isn’t determined by size. No matter how small or big you are, you deserve to see a body like yours on the big screen.


In recent years, there has been a rise in plus size representation. Prominent brands and designers have embraced inclusivity by featuring plus-size models in their campaigns and runway shows. This shift in the industry reflects an ever-growing recognition of the need for diversity and body positivity. Plus-size models are now gracing the covers of major fashion magazines, challenging the norms, and paving the way for greater acceptance of all body types.

This increased representation has caused a rise in the self-esteem and body image of women.  Think about it this way, a plus size model on the big screen is relatable for you and makes you feel like your body type is accepted. Rather than just showcasing your typical models, a showcase of reality leaves one feeling confident rather than insecure. This is more than just a trend, this is a revolution (or a curve revolution *hehe*) It is looking at traditional and unattainable beauty standards in the face and telling them off and man, does it feel good!

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the future of plus-size modeling looks promising, and we love it! Brands and designers are recognising the immense value of inclusivity and are seeking to diversify their runways and campaigns. Consumers are demanding more representation and inclusivity. They are driving the industry to embrace models of all sizes and we mean all! With the rise of social media, plus-size models have found a platform to share their stories, connect with their audience, and inspire positive change. They have become influential voices in the body positivity movement, advocating for greater acceptance and challenging harmful beauty standards.

The more diversity in the fashion industry, the more acceptance in the world. We need to celebrate differences rather than using them as factors to separate us. Plus size models empower the people around them and push them to accept their bodies. The days of “ideal-bodied” models are slowly going down, we crave authenticity. We sometimes think that flaws will divide and exclude us, but in reality, our flaws unite us. We are similar in our differences. Not everyone has that hourglass figure and that’s okay! We need to learn that that’s okay! Everybody has a story behind it. It has carried your heart, soul, and mind through this rollercoaster of life. Its size does not determine its meaning in your life.


The ideal body we want is the one we have. We need to love her and take care of her. We need to remember the good it has done for us and treat it with respect. The need for real life models makes us feel empowered, included, and most of all confident. Challenging traditional beauty standards not only help us now but proves to be useful for our future generations. Somewhere out there, there is a teenage girl excitedly telling her mother that there is a model that looks just like her.

We need to take care of her and love her. It starts now.









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