Build the Perfect Plus Size College Wardrobe - Top 5 Picks from The Pink Moon

Let’s face it – every single one of us, while in school is looking forward to it getting over, we graduating and then entering college. Why this excitement to join college – well, each person might have their own reason, but some of the most common answers would be that sense of freedom that is often lacking during school days, that feeling of feeling oh so grown up and of course the most popular reason – no more uniforms! 

If you too are getting ready to head to college, you might want to take out a little time and create that perfect wardrobe. From the very first day you set foot inside the campus, you should have your fashion A game on – every outfit you wear should define who you are and should be in keeping with the style statement of the season. Now, there are several girls who feel like because they are a little more on the curvy side, there will be not much to choose from, when it comes to wardrobe choices. The problem is that these girls probably don’t know where to look, because if they knew about The Pink Moon, they would know that this is the place to pick plus size student clothes in India!

Building a wardrobe is no rocket science, but there is a ‘science’ that you need to follow – you need to break down your shopping list into the following – tops, bottoms, dresses and of course athleisure. When you are looking for tops, you need to create a blend of casual and formal tops, as well as tops that you can wear for parties or special occasions. You should also look at investing in some formal looking shirts, ideally button down ones, which work really well for formal as well as semi casual looks. Then of course, you need to invest in bottom wear – this should include jeans, trousers and palazzos and you need to make sure that you look for colours and fabrics that work well with the tops that you are investing in. Dresses are also a great addition to college wardrobes, because they work really well for formal and casual occasions – you can wear it for your regular college day as well as for an event or party with your friends. Finally, you need to remember that college days can become quite tiring, which is why you need to look at clothes that you can just throw on, feel comfortable in, yet look stylish and this is where athleisure comes in! 

At The Pink Moon, we consider ourselves somewhat experts when it comes to designing college outfits for curvy girls and these are our top picks: 

  • Casual tops: You are at college, and unless you are in a professional college or institution, where you have to dress in a particular way, you are a free bird! You can choose what you want to wear each single day and most young girls, prefer to dress in a more casual manner. They like to wear clothes that will continue looking perfect during the long day, yet look great. Our range of casual wear tops are designed to fit you perfectly, without being high maintenance. You can choose from a range of colours, cuts and designs – all of which will make you look great. Our top pick is the Black and Rust Colorblock top – this effortlessly stylish top works really well with denims, skirts and even formal trousers. 
  • Formal tops: And although college is supposed to fun and mostly casual, there will be days when you will need to dress up slightly. This could be a formal event or a seminar or presentation. For those kinds of days, you will need tops that are more formal and you can choose from a wide range on offer at The Pink Moon. You could look at pleated tops, which give the vibe of a short kurta, while looking completely formal – these work really well with denims as well as trousers. For instance, if you look at the Pink Moon Women Blue Solid A-Line Top, you will see that it looks formal, but still has a sense of whimsy, making it perfect for college girls. However, our pick will have to be the Cotton Blue And White Stripe Button Down Shirt – this shirt gives a very corporate look, without being too sterile. 
  • Bottoms: Now that you are all done with the tops, tees and shirts, lets move onto the bottom wear and while you might have your share of jeans, formal pants and skirts, you might need to shop a little more to make your wardrobe wholesome! While building a wardrobe of plus size outfits for college students, we believe, that colour is a must, which is why we suggest the absolutely stunning Brick Color Front Pleated Palazzo. The fabric has a natural shine to it, making it a standout and the fit is so comfortable that you will be able to wear it all day long, without any trouble! Moreover, the palazzos work really well with formal as well as casual tops and even short tunics. 
  • Dresses: When a girl wants to feel like a girl, chances are that she will want to go with a dress and at The Pink Moon, we have some incredibly gorgeous dresses. All the dresses are made to flatter the curvy body, while providing you complete comfort. Whether you want a short dress or a long one, whether you want something that is a solid colour or something with prints, we have it all and then some more! Our top pick happens to be a striking floral number in a wine colour – the grape coloured Printed Chiffon Maxi Day To Night Dress is ideal for formal and casual occasions and the fabric will make you want to twirl! 
  • Athleisure: And for those days, when you don’t want to even bother making an effort, having some athleisure wear is a must. At The Pink Moon, you will be able to shop from a treasure trove of really classy looking athleisure, including trackpants, tights and t-shirts. We suggest you pick a few of these as well, because these are really comfortable and stylish. Our pick would be the Grey Workout Track Pants, which are super stylish and super easy to wear – just wear a cool top, add some stylish sneakers and you are ready! 
  • So, when you want to shop for some classy plus size student clothes come to The Pink Moon and get ready to garner a whole lot of attention and plenty of compliments! 

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