Ever had the feeling of shopping endlessly but still feel like you have nothing to wear when you open your wardrobe? Have you ever filled your wardrobe with plenty of tops but still have never worn them? But why does all of this happen to us?
Well, the solution to this problem is very simple- it is to create a perfect capsule wardrobe for yourself. In this blog, we will be guiding you through the definition,how and why one should invest in creating a perfect plus-size capsule wardrobe. 

It is a collection of versatile clothing pieces one should have in their closet which are designed specially to flatter your curves. The goal behind creating it is to be able to mix and match them easily for streamlined outfit creation.


  1. To be able to create numerous outfits from minimal pieces, while being mindful of recycling, is a stylish commitment to sustainability which celebrates creativity. 

  2. The best antidote for decision fatigue is streamlining to a manageable number of pieces. This approach allows you to invest in garments that flatter their curves and highlight the best features.

  3. Quality pieces will finally have a space in your wardrobe which will last longer while providing satisfaction each time they are worn.

  4. To have a good outfit day which not only flatters your body type but also boosts one’s confidence.



  1. V-NECK TOPS- It is a flattering choice as it elongates your neckline, creates a slimming effect and balances overall proportions. V-neck tops are an ideal option for casual dressing.

  2. COWL-NECK TOPS- The best way to elevate your look without adding bulk is to opt for cowl neck Tops whose draped design attracts special attention and doesn’t add volume.

  3. LONG SLEEVE SHIRT- It offers a stylish and versatile option for plus-size individuals while providing comfort and coverage. Long-sleeve shirts complement office attire exceptionally well.

  4. WHITE LONG BUTTON DOWN- The perfect combination of timeless and versatile is a piece of white shirt. The love for this garment never runs out.

  5. KAFTAN SHIRT- The loose and flowy design of a kaftan shirt not only ensures comfort but exudes bohemian elegance, allowing plus-size individuals a fashionable and comforting look.

  6. OFF-THE-SHOULDER TOP- An instant confidence booster is by wearing an Off the shoulder top that accentuates the shoulders and the collar-bone.

  7. PRINT TOPS- It is a vibrant choice to have in your wardrobe, as printed tops not only add a playful attention but also creates a visually appealing look.


  8. STRAIGHT CUT JEANS- A timeless choice for plus-size individuals, providing a sleek elongating silhouette. Straight cut jeans offers versatile silhouette suitable for various occasions and styles. 

  9. STRETCH PANTS- The ideal fusion of flexibility and comfort is to have stretch pants, which can be worn from morning to evening for all your needs.

  10. WHITE PALAZZO- It offers a breezy and flattering style that exudes sophistication while ensuring comfort. White palazzo is a stylish choice for a variety of occassion

  11. A-LINE SKIRT- It has a graceful silhouette which accentuates the curves and provides a stylish look. A-line skirts is a perfect choice for the summer season. 

  12. TRACK PANTS- The perfect combination of style and flexibility for various activities throughout the day while ensuring a relaxed fit. The track pants features elastic waistband, making them suitable for the exercise activities.


  13. A-LINE DRESS- The tailored silhouette of an A-Line dress gracefully skims over the body providing an elegant package for all your occasions.

  14. FRONT KNOT DRESS- The chic and versatile choice is by opting for the front knot dress which adds a touch of modern flair with its stylish knot detail making it an adjustable fit.

  15. OFF-THE-SHOULDER DRESS- The flowy silhouette of the off-the-shoulder dress while showing a hint of your shoulders is a perfect piece for the next trip in your wardrobe.

  16. SHIRT DRESS-The breezy button-down varieties in sleek solid options is a perfect staple piece for your capsule. The shirt dress can be styled in different ways.


  1. TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR WARDROBE- It’s very important to know what exactly are the types of clothes you have in your wardrobe and update it from time to time. Remove the old clothes, the shirt with tiny holes and pants which quite dont fit you anymore. 

  2. SELECT YOUR ESSENTIALS- We have mentioned a few above for you to choose from but one also needs to know their color palette which enhances their looks and opt for garments in those colors.  

  3. KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE-  Knowing your body type and what exactly will suit your body is very important and a rule everyone should follow before going shopping for your capsule, so that you know what exactly you are looking for.

  4. SHOP TO FILL IN THE GAPS- Shop for the missing pieces from your wardrobe instead of filling it with the same type of clothes. Remember few points to make your experience in shopping and styling even better-

  • Shop from plus-size brands such as The Pink Moon and not the brands who designs products in small size and stretch them for plus size individuals. 

  • Store away the garments which can’t be used in the upcoming season.

  • Invest in the right undergarments for you to look put together.

  • Rearrange items in your closet to make it look more organized.

It is your time now to build your capsule wardrobe with The Pink Moon and look at a wardrobe which now has all your requirements while staying minimal. 


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