Guide To Finding The Perfect Plus Size Formal Pants For Your Body

Formal pants are an important part of every women’s closet. From informal outings to getting ready for work, pants make you look classy and go well with almost all types of topwear. However, while buying plus-size formal trousers for women, it’s important to keep in mind the women’s pants size chart to get the look you desire. In this blog, we’ve highlighted various challenges faced by women while finding ideal plus-size formal pants and tips to overcome those challenges. Keep on reading to slay at your best in plus-size formal trousers next time.

Challenges Faced By Individuals In Finding Well-Fitting & Stylish Plus-Size Formal Pants

  • Size Disparity 

This is one of the biggest and toughest challenges faced by women while looking for plus-size formal pants. The size of plus size formal pants for ladies which may seem perfect in one brand may not fit you in another. For instance, a size 14 in one store may not be the same as a size 14 in another. However, things get even more perplexing when there are no clear-size guides. 

  • Fabric Concerns

When buying plus-size formal trousers, the challenge is not just finding the right size, it’s about finding the right fabric as well. In general, plus-size formal pants for ladies available have cheap and lightweight fabric, with little structure or shape.

  • It Goes Beyond Simply Manufacturing A Larger Size

The majority of brands providing plus size formal trousers simply "scale up" from a regular size model or, worse still, presume that all plus size ladies have ideal plus size hourglass figures. That is not how plus-size figures operate. Weight isn't distributed evenly because we are all of different shapes and sizes. We are all unique, just like apples and pears. This explains why going for ladies' plus size clothing can be so stressful and becomes a case of "hit or miss." 

  • Fewer Mannequins In Plus Sizes

Ladies, you can’t deny the fact that what we see on models and mannequins draws our attention the most when we think of buying apparel for ourselves. But, how frequently have you seen any plus-size models or mannequins wearing clothes? Unfortunately, mannequins in the shopping malls near us only wear either XS, S, or last M sizes, and we mostly come home feeling disappointed. Most just drape their plus-size dresses over a regular mannequin, which is pulled together and clipped at the back of the mannequin, which results in giving it an unattractive fit. If you are facing a tough time finding your perfect fit, you may check out an amazing collection of plus-size women’s clothing at The Pink Moon.

  • Plus Size Doesn't Necessarily Entail Being Tall

Over the passage of time, brands have emerged that have started to cater plus-size clothing for women, but those brands are mostly high-street fashion labels and retailers, who frequently believe that plus size equates to being taller. 

As a result, whenever you go shopping for plus-size women’s clothing, the length of the clothing tends to get fairly long as you increase your size. The length of the trousers must be adjusted if it fits around the waist.

Plus Size Guide For Women Pants: Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

  • Find Your Perfect Fit 

While buying plus-size formal pants for ladies, always look at the size guide and choose the one that best fits your curves. Do not hide those curves by putting on oversized clothes, rather embrace them with the right fit.

  • Go For Trusted Brands 

There are various plus size brands in the market claiming to provide plus size formal pants suiting everybody's requirements. However, not everyone can be trusted. Hence, while putting on trust in a brand always go through the reviews of the existing customers and then make a final decision. The Pink Moon is a brand trusted by various ladies for their amazing range of plus size clothing online, you too can scroll through their collection and pick the one that best fits your requirements. 

  • Imagine Creating An #OOTD Look

Before making the final decision of going with a particular plus size formal pants for ladies, along with checking the women’s pants size chart, it’s equally important to visualize the whole look, so that you get the perfect #OOTD look for your Instagram account. A quick tip for this is- with black plus-size formal pants exude classic vibes when paired with a white shirt and a black blazer!

With the fashion industry beginning to become more inclusive, times have drastically altered for plus-size women. The time when plus-size ladies only had a small selection of styles to choose from and most of them cost more than standard apparel is long gone.

If you are on the hunt for buying the perfect plus-size formal trousers, hop onto Pink Moon, we bet you can find your perfect fit in plus-size formal trousersSo, ladies, no more stressing about finding the right plus-size clothing with Pink Moon.  


Frequently Asked Questions On Plus Size Formal Pants

How do I choose formal pants?

It’s important to consider your body shape to find your perfect fit. What trousers might look good on a pear or hourglass shape would not look good on an apple-shaped figure, and the opposite is true. By highlighting the features of your body that you love and achieving a comfortable fit, choose pants in which you feel the maximum comfort and confidence.

What pant sizes are plus size?

Standard plus-size pant sizes range between 14W to 24W. 

What waist size comes under XXL?

42" - 45" waist size is generally counted under XXL. 

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