Have a small upper body with s curvier bottom ? the pink moon will style you

I have small shoulders and upper half but a much curvier bottom - what should I wear?

A great wardrobe should make you feel confident, empowered and show off your style. When shopping for a new outfit, it’s important to not only consider what suits your body, but will also make you feel powerful and confident in your skin. When it comes to clothes for plus size women, it should be kept in mind that the key is to break down age old notions of what should and should not be worn. Notions that curvy women should only wear all black, or loose fitted clothing - these notions are simply outdated and can limit your chance to show off your personal style. 

However if you’re after styles that will flatter your body type, here are some clothes you could try out if you have small shoulders and upper half, but a much curvier waist. 


With this body type, adding movement to the bust will help balance the difference between the top and bottom part of the body. Choose tops with a

plus size v-neck tops, off shoulder tops.   

well fitted tops with an a-line style will help flatter your curves even more, you can also have fun with big embellished sleeves 

 without your body looking out of balance. Try to avoid any decorative details around the hips as they will only add bulk to the lower half of the body. 



In order to balance out a heavier bottom, skirts and pants could be kept simple in style. To minimize the hip area tailored style pants or skirts with a flat front and a line  work best with the body without drawing attention to the hips. Flared jeans, bootcut styles add shapes to the body without creating a heavy look. Try to avoid balloon skirts or tapered pants as it shortens and widens the lower half. 


Dresses with a wider shape at the bottom tend to be more effective in balancing out the hips. Plus size A line dress  that tapers at the waist is an amazing way to show off your curves while balancing out the upper body and is also a great fit. Avoid dresses with thick fabrics with a straight cut. 

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