How many times have we faced getting no refund and when we approach the brand we have to wait for hours just to get to talk to the team? How many times have we faced difficulty with understanding our size and no one to guide us through with their brand? In the end we often  just end up disliking the brand not because of their products but because their customer support team falls short.

Before beginning to write about our unique customer service, let's take a moment to ask ourselves what would we prefer more - is it the AI answering machine which takes hours to get to the core of the problem or is it a top notch customer support team who will take minutes to provide you a solution and help you with everything you require with respect to our brand? 

Answering this question personally, a support team who are available from 9AM - 6PM and are always patient enough to solve my problems instantly is a dream come true!

What exactly do we understand by the term customer service? 

It encompasses all the interactions between the brand and the customer before, during and after the purchase of the item which is achieved by creating a positive and interactive environment for the customers by providing solution to all the problems, addressing their queries to taking feedback and comments in the best way possible to improve the products, service and overall experience of a customer. 

But the support team for a plus size fashion brand is a bit tricky, you will understand that part soon. We here at The Pink Moon follow 4 rules -

  1. The foundation is to understand the needs of the customer, we believe that each and every body is unique and requires special attention as to what will flatter their shape in a better way. 
  2. In the plus size fashion industry, there is a myth that the size chart for a regular and plus size brand is different, but here our sizes are according to the standard defined size chart. Still in order to resolve the conflict surrounding this myth, we call each and every customer to verify their order and their size. 
  3. Dealing with empathy and sensitivity towards customers with body image issues becomes really important in a plus size fashion industry. 
  4. We are available in almost all the popular known platforms and our team is very effective and quick with the replies to your concerns. 

The customer service provides the following to the customers - 

  1. Order assistance - helping the customers with the ordering process, tracking the shipment and all the various other queries related to orders.
  2. Returns and Exchanges - helping with returning of the product or exchanging it for a desired size ensuring the satisfaction of the customers. 
  3. Personalization interactions - recommending the dresses which will perfectly flatter your curve and also guide you the perfect size fit for your body. 
  4. Responsive communication -  The team responds to all the queries across all the platforms within 24 hours. 
  5. Product knowledge - gives you the details of the required product such as fit, silhouette , wash care instructions. 
  6. Feedback - we note down all your feedback and make sure it is heard for future purposes. 

At The Pink Moon, at the end of the day customer satisfaction is all we require. You can contact us with all your queries at +919108401111 and .

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