One Jeans – Many Looks! Style A Pair Of Jeans For All Types Of Occasions 

There are some essentials that you absolutely have to have in your wardrobe – these are typically the pieces that work as base and you can build on the base to create a brand new look. All you have to do is add or change colour combinations or one piece and you will have an outfit that will not only look great, but also serve a purpose, based on the occasion for which you are creating that look. Some of the base pieces that you need to have in your wardrobe, would include things like a button down white shirt, a cute black top and of course a pair of jeans. When you are building your plus sized wardrobe, you definitely need to invest in plus size jeans that fit you like a dream! And with that one really good pair of jeans, there are literally so many looks that you can create and these will work for pretty much all kinds of occasions too!

Allow us to give you just a few ideas about how you can create multiple looks with just one pair of jeans as the base: 

  • Regular casual look – For when you want that regular casual look, there is nothing better than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or top! At The Pink Moon, we have plenty of both for you to choose from. For instance, our Aqua Blue Sports t-shirt, Grey Full Sleeves Cotton t-shirt or Grey Long T-shirt Tunic are perfect to pair with jeans, when you are rushing around your neighbourhood to complete errands or just heading to your bestie’s house for a cup of tea and a gossip session. In case you are planning a trip to the mall, change the style of top you choose – we suggest something on the lines of the Maroon Tunic with lace or the Red Smocked Tassle Top. These are designed to jazz up the normal look just a tad bit, without taking it overboard!  
  • Semi formal look – Let’s say you need a look that is not completely formal, but you need to look a little more posh than your regular casual outfit, a pair of jeans will work perfectly; all you need to do is choose the right type of top to go with them. Our White Cotton Shirt with lace works perfectly for such occasions as does our Black front pleat top. These are great ways to style up your jeans just a little bit, making them look a little more serious, without being too formal. If you are meeting someone from the office outside of work or are sitting down with your colleagues to finish a deadline over the weekend, this the type of look you will want to rock.  
  • Office look – Unless you have a very strict dress code at work, there is no way why you can’t use your best plus size jeans to office; all you need to do is choose the top carefully. We suggest looking at button down shirts, because generally these work really well with jeans and can be worn underneath a formal jacket or coat to create a more formal look. For instance, if you were to team a Navy Satin top with silver buttons with a pair of jeans and add a beige or white coloured jacket on top, you will look professional without having to make too much of an effort.  Same goes for the Navy Silk Satin Classic Formal Shirt, which works really well to create an office going look.   
  • Party look for the day – Now let’s say you are catching up with all your college friends for a lunch or your colleagues have planned a brunch on the weekend, you know that you need to look smart, but then you will not need clothes that are too jazzy! This is the time when you need to have something chic and classy, that is ideal for a gathering. Something like the White Floral Printed Kaftan or the White Georgette Box Pleat Top will work really well with a pair of well-fitting plus size women’s jeans. White And Silver Cotton Top and the Olive Sleeveless Top are also really good options for the day time, as these are easy to wear and have colours that work well for the day. 
  • Party look for the night – Now is the time to let your hair down, and your outfit should not bring you down along with it and what could be more comfortable than a well fitting pair of jeans! As long as you pair the jeans with a top that is stylish and snazzy, you should pretty much the centre of all the attention! Our top picks would include the Green Pleated Off Shoulder Top for its sultriness, the Navy Printed Overlap Top for its waist cinching design, the Navy full sleeves top with lurex for its shimmery fabric and the Women Black Solid Off shoulder top for the quintessential black is always right option!
  • Morning to night – And there are those once in a while occasions where you have to create this whole day to night transition look – these are often slightly tough, because you need to make sure that you look formal enough for your work day and then look glamourous or trendy enough for the evening. But when you are in the perfect fitting jeans, all you need to really think about is what top you will want to wear. our top picks for the morning to evening look include the Black A Line top, the Black Silver Striped Longline Shirt Style Tunic, the Navy Solid Overlap Top, the Black front pleat top and the Palm leaf satin top. Do remember to wear on a jacket or formal blazer on top to make the look effective for work, because to transition to the evening, all you need to do is take it off!

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