Perfect kaftan styling

4 ways to style a kaftan so it doesn't look like nightwear

Style is an ever-evolving phenomenon that seeks persistent edition and modifications relying upon the situations and conditions. With comfort and ease reigning perfect, in particular due to the fact that it is the ultimate year, the demand and reputation of kaftans have really taken a plunge.The light-weight breathable fabric, and a flattering silhouette - kaftans have now emerged as a wardrobe staple! Kaftans are versatile, one-of-a-kind, and easy to wear: the ideal way to add colour and style to your wardrobe. Keeping this in mind, here's our ultimate plus size dressing guide to wearing plus size kaftans:

  • Bag it well

Because a kaftan appears oversized due to its loose fit, small bags or purses complement it well. When wearing a kaftan, carry a clutch or a small purse. Choose one that complements the colour of your kaftan. So, for a casual outing, pair a kaftan with a small purse to look ultra-trendy. The whole point is not to go overboard with the size of your accessories when you're already wearing a large-sized outfit.

  • Get the jewellery right

To look sophisticated in a kaftan, you should accessorise with some elegant pieces of jewellery. While an embellished kaftan already looks quite complete in terms of bling, you must exercise caution when selecting the appropriate jewellery for yourself. You can also accessorise with a few subtle bangles or a bracelet to complete your look

  • Belt It Up: 

Kaftans can also be belted if you're looking for more definition in your waist. And, your shoes should match the occasion you're dressing up for.

  • Right Footwear :

If you are into boho chic, pop on a pair of flat sandals. If you're running around town, try a wedge. If you're going out, I would do high heels because they give you a lift, give your legs a nice shape and take things to the next level.

plus size multi colour kaftan

plus size floral long kaftan

plus size lurex kaftan

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