Plus-size exclusive brand vs All-size inclusive brand

We all talk about body positivity and size inclusivity all the time, so why exactly is it important to have a brand exclusively only for plus size people? Yes it is and you will discover the answer to it on your own through this blog.

But what exactly is Plus-Size fashion? 

It is all about embracing your curves with trendy, flattering clothes that exude confidence and style. A fashion which celebrates every body, offering chic options that make you look and feel fabulous because for us Plus-size is more than just a label, it’s a celebration of diversity and individuality in the world of fashion. The term isn’t about fitting into a mold but about breaking boundaries and defying stereotypes and showcasing the beauty of all body shapes and sizes.
According to the size chart a plus-size individual ranges from 1XL-10XL and our brand, The Pink Moon serves this category with utmost perfection.

Before getting into the current situation of the plus-size fashion industry it’s important to delve into the history of it, so shall we?
Well, until the 1800s all the clothes were made to order. Technological advancements made it so much easier to produce garments in bulk. This led to a reduction of the range of the sizes which were sold and people started having issues with choosing the right size of clothing. In 1904, the first-ever exclusive plus-size store by Lena Bryant was opened. Also, a very interesting fact for you guys is that it was Lena Bryant who coined the term “Plus-Size”. In India, it was in the late 2000s when the term size inclusivity was accepted and understood by larger groups.

What is the difference between a plus-size exclusive brand and an all-size inclusive brand?

1) Tailored expertise- Exclusive plus-size brands such as The Pink Moon specialize solely in catering to larger sizes,ensuring meticulous attention to detail and perfect fit for those curves. In contrast, all-size inclusive brands lack such kind of attention and knowledge needed to provide the best designs for plus-size individuals.

2) Focused Selection- Exclusive plus-size brands curate collections specifically designed to enhance and celebrate curves whereas few all-size inclusive brands design garments keeping smaller sizes in mind and just expand the size to include plus size customers. 

3) Empowering representation- By exclusively serving the plus-size community, The Pink Moon brand serves as a beacon of empowerment and representation, promoting body positivity and self-confidence. In contrast, all-size inclusive brands, while well-intentioned, may inadvertently overshadow the importance of dedicated spaces and platforms for plus-size individuals to feel seen, valued, and celebrated.

4) Fashion-forward Innovation- By dedicating all our resources and creativity to serving the plus-size market, our brand leads the way in pioneering innovative designs, materials, and trends that elevate the fashion landscape for curvy women. In contrast, all-size-inclusive brands may find it challenging to stay at the forefront of plus-size fashion trends while simultaneously catering to a wider range of body sizes and shapes.

 Why is there a need for an exclusive plus-size fashion brand? 

  1. An Exclusive plus-size fashion brand focuses solely on perfecting designs tailored specifically for larger sizes, ensuring perfect fit, comfort, and style. 
  2. Every garment we create is a statement of empowerment and celebrates the diversity of all body shapes. 
  3. A plus-size fashion brand fosters a sense of belonging and community among its customers.
  4. From revolutionary fabrics to groundbreaking silhouettes, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of plus-size fashion forward.

Through their dedication to inclusivity and innovation, plus-size brands redefine the standards of beauty and fashion, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowering future.


  1.  Is plus size equal to being obese?
    Body mass index (BMI) is often used to determine if someone is obese, but it is not a perfect measure and can be misleading. Plus-size, on the other hand, simply refers to someone larger than the average size for their height.

  2. How can I find a perfect fit in the plus-size industry?
    Finding the perfect fit in plus-size clothing involves understanding your body shape and proportions, as well as paying attention to size charts and garment measurements provided by the brand. 

  3. What trends are currently popular in plus-size fashion?
    Plus-size fashion is a vibrant and dynamic landscape, with trends ranging from bold prints and statement silhouettes to timeless classics like tailored blazers and high-waisted jeans.

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