Seriously Stylish Plus Size Party Wear

Well, let’s face it – 2020 was not the year we had all hoped for and for most of us, the first thought in our minds has been “thank god 2020 is over”! And now stepping out in 2021 we want to upgrade our style after a long twelve months in lounge wear and pyjamas. Finding the right plus size party wear dresses and outfits requires the right balance of fabric, cut, fit and design. We have gone that extra mile and spoken to many people to understand their ideal outfits for evening wear. 

This post is a list of suggestions for dressing up for parties and occasions as a plus size curvy woman. Start with the basics and the absolute essentials – a plus size formal jacket is a must have for your wardrobe. A good looking and well fitting black jacket is a great buy, because you can use it in multiple ways. In the winters you can use it over sweaters or full sleeved tops and during spring or early summer, you can team it with sleeveless tops to create a more formal look. So for instance, if you look at the Pink Moon Black Jacket, it is not only stylish, but also elegantly simple. This jacket will work really well on top of dark coloured tops and pants, while giving a sharp and shiny look. We have options which have a zip, no zip, stretch, no stretch - so choose depending on your preferences and layer easily.

Another great investment in your wardrobe, especially if you like to glam up, is a classic Black Off Shoulder Dress. As a plus size woman, shoulders and neck are often features we want to highlight and an off shoulder dress in a high stretch jersey fabric is the perfect thing to slip on to look hot and stay comfortable. We chose a fabric with just the right stretch and thickness so you are comfortable and yet the dress is not too clingy. The lace detailing on the off shoulder panel, makes this dress great for parties and occasions.

Another look which enhances your collar bones and brings attention to your neck is a one shoulder top, or a black lace top - both of which show off a bit of skin and give a sexy vibe to your outfit without being too revealing. Pair either of these tops with a skirt, palazzos, jeans or tights and you are plus size party ready!


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