Tips to Make Your Winters Stylish

There is a chill in the air and we are back to that time of the year, where you need to bundle up and keep yourself warm; but this year let's do it in style. We can stay fashionable and beautiful, while remaining cozy and comfortable! We have designed a range of winter wear which combines soft and warm fabrics which feel good against your skin and keeps you cozy all day long. At The Pink Moon, you will be able to pick out plus size winter outfits that make you look and feel good indoors and outdoors.  

For most people, winters mean bulky, scratchy clothing in old fashioned color, making them look frumpy and out of style. But the modern plus sized woman knows she can look stylish and polished irrespective of the weather outside! These days, it has become easy to  buy women’s plus size winter wear online, and with the arrival of brands such as The Pink Moon, winters will no longer be a hindrance to your style anymore!

The basic idea behind winter dressing has to be simple - cover enough to stay warm, but proudly own the body you have! Choose flattering silhouettes in luxurious fabrics, to create memorable looks which people will compliment you on. If you are looking to create a stylish winter wardrobe, do check out the styles on The Pink Moon, an online store, exclusively for the plus sized modern woman! Here are some of the must haves for this season and some tips and tricks on how to style them as well:

  • A great addition to your winter wardrobe will be a soft quilted jacket which you can mix and match with a range of other pieces, to create new and interesting looks. Make sure to pay attention to details such as the quality of fabric, length of the jacket and the quality of zips and buttons.  Look for designs that are elegant and classy and feature comfortable zips and pockets. At The Pink Moon, we designed a Plus Size Quilted Navy Winter Jacket which encompasses all of the above. A unique quilted design, perfect amount of stretch and comfortable zips and pockets - all that you need in your winter jacket! Pair it with jeans, formal pants, joggers or tights - it works with everything. 
  • Hoodies are something that never go out of fashion - be it your regular morning walk, or your college or even a casual day at work – hoodies are your best bet! And when hoodies are coupled with a matching jogger you have a complete look. Check out the Plus Size Olive Green Jacket with Hood by The Pink Moon - its soft, durable, comfortable and the green color is on trend. Team it with a basic T-shirt underneath and wear it with the matching jogger, jeans or yoga pants and you are all set! 
  • Most people tend to neglect it, but bottom wear plays an important role in deciding the overall look. During winters, look for bottom wear that has a great fit and a neutral colour that will work with a variety of pieces in your wardrobe. And while jeans, jeggings and trousers are ideal for informal and formal occasions, you need something that will allow you to move easy. Track pants and joggers are yet another must have in your winter as well as your summer wardrobe, because you can lounge around in them all day long and also workout in them. The classic Plus Size Olive Green Jogger by The Pink Moon is perfect for all those days when you want to start or end your day with a workout or just laze around on your weekend off! 

Winter clothing need not be baggy and boring - as long as you know how to style what you have, and do some shopping on online portals like The Pink Moon, you should have a winter wardrobe that is trendy, stylish and outstanding! 

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