In a society where beauty standards have long been narrow and exclusive, the rise of plus-size influencers in India is a breath of fresh air. These influencers are not only challenging conventional norms but also celebrating body positivity and self-love. Let's shine a spotlight on ten remarkable plus-size Indian influencers who are making waves and inspiring millions in 2024

  1. Sakshi Sindwani -
    This 26-year-old influencer who started creating fashion and lifestyle content on social media is one of the foremost plus-size influencers in India. She has also been featured on the covers of various magazines and has walked the ramp for prestigious brands and designers like Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani. Sakshi Sindwani is known for her plus-size friendly and elegantly feminine style.
    If we had to style her we would dress her in our Blue Wavy Co-ord Set as it matches her easy breezy vibe.

  1. Prableen Kaur Bhomrah -
    Initially trolled for her looks by her relatives and fellow content creators, Prableen Kaur has overcome everything. Today, she stands as one of the foremost skin positivity influencers known for breaking barriers and encouraging women to accept themselves with all their flaws. She also creates content on fashion and lifestyle that is very refreshing and unique.
    We would style Prableen in our Wine Satin Chiffon Dress as she would look stunning.

  1. Piyali Toshniwal -
    Piyali is an entrepreneur, professional dancer, plus-size model, motivational speaker, and renowned blogger. She is also a charity worker and a body positivity activist. She has won many prestigious titles including Mrs Universe Asia 2019 and Mrs Gorgeous 2019. She is the ambassador of National Mumbai Fashion Week and Peace of India.
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  1. Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar -
    From being able to dance freely to completely giving it up because of a bad accident, Tanvi is on the road to recovery. Still, she will never be able to get back like before. That hasn't stopped her from being the warrior that she is. She is a pioneer in advocating inclusivity and self-acceptance.
    Tanvi Ravishankar has won the Cosmopolitan India BodyLove Influencer for three consecutive years and is an inspiration to her audience.
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  1. Aashna Bhagwani -
    Aashna is a fashion and lifestyle influencer known for her bold and beautiful outfit styling and making them curvy and girl-friendly. She has collaborated with various brands and walked on prestigious ramps including Times Fashion Week. She has also won awards like Cosmopolitan Body Love, Hindustan Times BodyPositive, and many more.
    We would style Aashna in our Velvet Wine Red Knot Dress and she would slay that outfit.

  1. Sayanti Mahapatra -
    This creator is known for her relatable and affordable fashion. Her styling videos are so simple and wearable for girls of all sizes. Her advice encompasses various clothing options, from casual everyday wear to trendy statement pieces, all without breaking the bank. Sayanti Mahapatra is a lifesaver for college-going curvy girls who prefer modest but stylish outfits on a budget.
    She will look amazing in our Abstract Print Dress since she loves flowy silhouettes and pastel shades. 

  1. Akshaya Naik -
    This multi-talented influencer is an entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, and actor. Akshaya Naik owns two businesses and has recently won The Best Comedy Artist award. Apart from that she also celebrates Plus size and self-acceptance on her platform. Through her posts, she showcases a diverse range of styles and looks that cater specifically to plus-size individuals.
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  1. Shraddha Gurung -
    Shraddha was one of the famous faces of POPxo. From makeup tutorials to skits and hairstyle videos, she did it all. Now she creates her content on Instagram which promotes diversity, body positivity, and a unique sense of fashion. She has collaborated with many international brands and is known for her traditional fits which are exceptional. 
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  1. Diksha Singhi -
    Being fat-shamed and bullied throughout her childhood, Diksha Singhi has turned her pain into power by emerging as an advocate for body positivity on Instagram. She founded an accessories brand called ‘A Little Extra’ that exudes creativity and quirkiness. She has appeared on Shark Tank and successfully received funding for her brand.
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  1. Neelakshi Singh -
    A budding plus-size influencer who creates content regarding fashion, skincare, and lifestyle. With each post, she reminds her audience that beauty knows no size and that confidence is the ultimate accessory. Neelakshi Singh exudes confidence and her fashion sense is very distinct. 
    She would look exceptional in our Black Sequin Dress.

Plus-size influencers have made significant strides in promoting body positivity and inclusivity. However, there is still work to be done to achieve true equality and representation for all body types in media and society.

FAQs on plus size influencers:

Q1) What challenges do plus-size influencers in India face?

 A: Some challenges faced by plus-size influencers in India include:

  • Limited representation and opportunities in the fashion industry.
  • Dealing with societal stigma and stereotypes regarding body size.
  • Finding brands and designers that offer stylish and trendy plus-size clothing.

 Q2) How can I support plus-size influencers in India?

  A: You can support plus-size influencers in India by:

  • Following them on social media and engaging with their content.
  • Amplifying their voices by sharing their posts and spreading awareness about body positivity.
  • Being mindful of your language and attitudes towards body size and promoting a culture of acceptance and inclusivity.

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