Top 5 dresses that will upgrade your wardrobe in the coming new year

“Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your wardrobe for hours before going to  a party, trying out various styles, but find none of them to be good enough ?” Well we have all been there. Standing out at a party by being remembered for your unique style is quite an achievement which we all aspire to achieve. But does size limit you from wearing fabulous attire for festive gatherings ? Plus size fashion has come a long way, where now it embraces every curve and gives you a large variety of dresses to choose from , which gives you stylish and chic attire that compliments your pear shaped body accentuating the perfect silhouette it deserves.Here are our top 5 plus size dresses recommendation - 

1.Black and Gold Lurex dress- The perfect outfit for an office party is a must for your wardrobe to give you the confidence to spill the sass while talking about your promotion. The dress is made of hightwist viscose with a gold lurex , making it sparkly and classy yet making it cozy familiarity.The v neckline creates an illusion for slimming effect , balanced proportions and highlights your collarbones and neck area drawing the attention towards this area and the gathered long sleeves provide comfort while creating a more harmonious look by adding volume to the sleeves. Pair it with gold hoops, a long slick bag and pair of heels to finish the look in style. 

  1. 2. Gold knot dress- Looking for an outfit for your bachelorette party ? This is the perfect fit for you, the twisted knot in the front sits at the waistline or slightly above it which helps in creating a defined waistline illusion and hence enhancing the overall silhouette. The dress is made up of a polyester blend material offering stretch, durability and a wide range of styles along with comfort and breathable in all seasons. The open sleeves add an extra bit to the comfort while elevating the whole outfit to a whole different level. Pair it with great accessories for the hand, a closed-toe pump stiletto heels and a long elegant pair of earrings which will make you stand out from the crowd. 

3.  Pleated black dress- Searching for something to make your special day a bit more special? Well we have got you covered with the black pleated dress , which not only gives an addition to your day but makes you feel confident about yourself. The layered dress adds dimension and the texture to your outfit camouflaging certain areas while enhancing the others giving you confidence while you can gracefully dance and move as the dress allows freedom of movement without clinging to the body . The dress is made up of pleated polyester which holds the vibrant color and drapes elegantly! Pair it up with flats or low block heels for that one dance and a gold shimmery purse to finish the look.

4. Tie and dye Jumpsuit- Planning for a day by the beach? But have nothing to wear ? You found a perfect fit now for all those pool parties, coastal fiesta and the trips by the beach. The tie and dye is a unique and trendy style which allows plus size women to embrace their fashionista side while feeling relaxed at the same time. It creates a visual interest while diverting the attention from certain areas hence balancing the overall silhouette. The v neckline and elastic band on the waist gives the visual of slim while providing comfort. Pair it up with a set of rings, white flats and a pair of funky earrings. 
5. Black and Gold Kaftan- Looking for an outfit for that one family gathering where you want to keep things indowestern?The black and gold kaftan is made up of Poly Jacquard Georgette making it look classy for your next event. The open sleeves pattern makes the product breathable while giving the trendy fashionista look we all require. One can pair it up in various ways with palazzo or jeans along with a jutti and junk jewelry for that traditional look.

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