Top 7 Women's Pear-Shaped Body Outfit Ideas

According to a survey, the most popular body shape in the world is actually a pear-shaped body and this is also widely embraced among many famous Indian celebrities, to name a few - Rani Mukhurjee, Mrunal Thakur, Parineeti Chopra, Ileana D'Cruz. There is nothing to be disappointed about having a pear-shaped body, you just need to upgrade your wardrobe in order to improve the compatibility of the garments with your body shape.

But how exactly do we know if we fit into this category? The pear-shaped body is characterized by large hips which are wider than the shoulders and bust. So, if your shoulders are narrow and bust are smaller as compared to the hips making the silhouette look like that of a pear, then you fit into this category.

Can diet change your body type? Absolutely not. Many people just like you have this misconception that diet plays a vital role in our body shape. It is the genetics which plays a role in the body shape. Yes, having a good lifestyle can help with reducing the overall body fat percentage but not your body shape and so we are here to guide you to love your body shape and to provide outfit ideas for plus size women to flatter those curves in a much better way. 

In this blog we will be covering all the varieties of clothing and what type of each will give you the perfect silhouette while overcoming the imbalance visual of the body -

  1. TOPS-
    A) NECKLINE- To enhance the visual balance and to highlight your upper body, it is advisable to opt for tops with wider necklines rather than a deeper v shaped neckline. The reason behind the same is that wide necklines give the widening visual effect to your body which helps in balancing the proportion while narrow necklines gives an illusion of a slimmer upper body.

    B) SLEEVES-Having a structured or long sleeve pattern in the top, brings volume to the upper body and takes the attention away from the hips region to your shoulders. Our top recommended type of sleeves for plus size people are puff and batwing sleeves which are favorable for achieving the desired effect of balancing out the proportion. 

  2. SHIRTS - Formal wear can be very tricky when small details are neglected while purchasing your garment. Shirts with bright colors, bold patterns and embellishments around the shoulder region features your upper body. Fitted tops or shirts shouldn’t go beyond the hips or loose fitted shirts should be worn to avoid making your hips look wider. Our top recommended shirt would be a loose fitted striped bright shirt. 

  3. JACKETS AND SHRUGS - Jackets and shrugs play a vital role in adding volume to the upper body as it adds layers to the body. Choosing dark colored or printed shrugs can really help in creating a sleeker silhouette. A long shrug that extends to mid-thigh has the transformative effect of elongating the body,creating the illusion of a longer and more splendor appearance. Our top recommended shrug would be a dark colored,long sleeves, high-low hem open shrug. 

    For a pear shaped body the key to minimize the lower part is to find the right jacket length.Optimal length just falls under the hips or at mid thigh. Our top recommended jacket would be a spread collar, mid length cotton jacket giving you the perfect figure.

  4. DRESSES- Most favorable dresses for a pear shaped body emphasize the waist while subtly camouflaging the lower body. Against conventional wisdom,dresses with a wider silhouette at the bottom effectively balance out the hips. Tight fitting dresses tend to highlight the hip areas, while looser fits gracefully skims over it.Our top recommended dresses would be A-line dresses which will balance out the proportion of the body creating a balanced overall look. 

  5. BOTTOMS- Opting for relaxed fits that fall straight down from the widest part of the hip is the perfect choice for a pear shaped body as such pants de-emphasizes the visual effect of the lower body. Ensure that the pants are mid or high-waisted to accentuate the defined hips and avoid the low-waisted pants that draw attention to the hips. Sticking to dark colors,clean lines and simple stitching to maintain a streamlined appearance is an excellent choice to make. Our top recommended pants will be high-rise loose trousers made up of high stretch fabric which can be used for both formal and casual.  


    Q1) What is the ultimate tip you would give to a person with a pear-shaped body? 

    ANS- Pear shapes vary from person to person, so what looks great on one body may not be the most flattering on another. Try many styles of clothes on for size to see what works best for you.

    Q2) Is the pear shaped body symmetrical or asymmetrical body type?

    ANS -The pear shape is characterized by an asymmetrical relationship between shoulders and hips. 

    Q3) What accessories will look good on a pear-shaped body? 

    ANS- Statement or chunky, layered necklaces that hit above the bust and big earrings will flatter those curves while emphasizing on your upper body.

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