Pink Moon brand relevance post COVID

We've all been stuck at home for the last 6 to 8 weeks. It’s been a time of boredom, frustration, worrying and doing housework, interspersed with moments of relaxation, introspection and the joy of trying something new (dalgona anyone?). 

We can’t wait to go back to the way things were but with some tweaks. We want the familiarity of the old but with a new sense of safety and security. We will search for this “new normal” in all parts of our life – eating, cooking, shopping, reading, exercising, socializing and of course dressing. 

During the lockdown I went through many phases of dressing - the most popular was the old comfy pyjamas and t-shirt with no bra phase. There was also the bra + shirt on top and PJs phase for the occasional zoom call, there was a not changing for 24 hours phase, a wearing the same outfit over and over again phase and embarrassingly a few days of no underwear phase. There were occasional days when I washed my hair, blow-dried it and then decided I deserved a bright red top instead of the dull grey one and it felt good. Things I did not do, and am totally okay with: I did not iron any of my clothes, I did not wear jeans, I did not put on make up, I did not wax or shave, I did not wear an underwire bra. 

I loved being comfortable but didn’t like looking shabby. I loved the soft elastic on my waist, the airy pants and tops, the feeling of my body being unrestricted and free. What combines comfort with good looks? What combines looking and feeling good? At Pink Moon we have created a line of products to fill this need. Jeans with the softness of leggings, formal pants with the comfort of pajamas (read elastic), button down shirts with the lightness of t-shirts and dresses with the airiness of kaftans. We have used only fabrics which are natural, breathable and durable, and designs which are clean, low maintenance and multi purpose. 

There are some good things to come from Covid after all. We’ve worked harder than ever before to bring you products which feel as good as they look. We’ve looked deep within to find a reason for our existence – do we really need another clothing company in the world? No. Do we need products which bring joy, ease, comfort and confidence into your life? Yes. That is the mission of Pink Moon. That’s our purpose of being. And we are thankful to Covid for having helped us discover this. 

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